Operational Information

The information on this page will help make your visit to Northern Rivers Livestock Exchange easy. 

Site Induction

Before commencing work on the NRLX site, you’ll need to complete a site induction. Please follow the link below

  • https://www.outcross.com.au/online-induction.html

Conditions of Entry

Important information – please read

In order to provide an enjoyable and safe environment for all people, your entry to any NRLX premises is subject to the following terms as set out in this document (Conditions of Entry). By entering the premises, you irrevocably accept these Conditions of Entry. Should you not unconditionally consent to these terms, you must not enter the premises or, if you are already on the premises, you should immediately leave using the nearest designated exit.

NRLX reserves the right to refuse entry or evict any person at its sole discretion for any reason, including those people who refuse or fail to comply with these Conditions of Entry.

NRLX reserves the right to vary these terms at any time. Any variation to these terms will be effective on and from the date that the new conditions are available for public viewing.

When on NRLX premises, you must:

a) comply with all rules, policies, notices, signs or directions issued to you by an authorised representative of NRLX at any time;

b) look out for and comply with the posted safety signs at all times;

c) remain within public walkways and not enter any drafts, livestock lanes, selling pens, scales or other processing areas (unless you have the prior approval of the NRLX Operations Manager or their delegate);

d) not enter areas displaying a restricted or no unauthorised access, unless you are required to be in those areas for business purposes and with the approval of NRLX;

e) not smoke on any part of the premises (including but not limited to carparks, loading docks and within five metres externally of any doorway into the premises) at any time;

f) not sit, stand or climb on any gates or rails at any time;

g) not use any photographic, video or audio recording equipment in or around the premises without prior written consent of the NRLX Operations Manager;

h) not distribute leaflets or brochures at the premises without the prior written approval of the NRLX Operations Manager;

i) ensure children under the age of 16 years are supervised by a responsible adult at all times;

j) ensure that you are wearing appropriate footwear and shirts or other appropriate attire at all times in or about the premises;

k) not bring any prohibited items to the facility including firearms, knives, blunt objects, flammable items, alcohol or illicit drugs; and

l) immediately report all hazards, accidents, incidents and near misses to a NRLX staff member or a Richmond Valley Council employee.

Animals (other than guide dogs or assistance animals) must not be brought onto the premises without the prior approval of the NRLX Operations Manager.


If you are attending or operating at NRLX’s premises for the purposes of work or employment (including all employees or contractors of NRLX and any third party vendors, agents, livestock carriers, amongst others), it is also a condition of entry that you must:

a) complete a site-specific induction for work health and safety purposes and carry evidence of completion of this induction on you at all times whilst on any NRLX premises;

b) be vaccinated against Q-Fever and carry evidence of your Q-Fever vaccination whilst on any NRLX premises (unless you have sought a prior exemption from NRLX, in which case you should bring evidence of that exemption);

c) wear covered safety steel cap boots at all times; and

d) use personal protective equipmentwhere directed by NRLX.

NRLX reserves the right to refuse entry or evict any person at its sole discretion who:

a) is considered intoxicated or appears to be under the influence of a prohibited substance (such as alcohol or illicit drugs);

b) in anyway behaves in a manner that constitutes a public nuisance;

c) uses inappropriate, offensive, indecent, abusive, or threatening language;

d) behaves in a manner that may potentially cause injury to themselves, others, or any property of NRLX or Richmond Valley Council;

e) refuses to abide by any lawful direction of an employee of NRLX;

f) knowingly mistreats an animal or causes it undue suffering or pain; or

g) does not comply with these Conditions of Entry.

In addition to the above, if NRLX is aware that you are charged with a criminal offence relating to theft of property, animal cruelty, violence or similar behaviour and, in the reasonable opinion of the NRLX Operations Manager, your presence or conduct on the premises may amount to the commission of further criminal behaviour, NRLX reserves the right to refuse entry or evict you from the premises.

NRLX is an outdoor, working and operating livestock exchange with risk of exposure to a range of health issues associated with livestock including Q Fever. See the health.nsw.gov.au Q Fever fact sheets for information on the risks.

Whilst NRLX has taken care to ensure your safety, your entry on the premises may expose you to a risk of injury, including as a result of circumstances outside of NRLX’s control. NRLX is not liable or responsible for illness, loss, injury or damages however caused by attending or entering the NRLX whether or not caused by the negligence of NRLX, its employees or agents or any other party.

By entering NRLX’s premises, you voluntarily asume the risk of all damages or loss (including property damage, personal injury and economic and consequential loss) however arising (including by negligence) at the premises including damage or loss caused by the acts or omissions of other visitors, employees or agents of NRLX and/or an authorised representative of NRLX or Richmond Valley Council.

Further, any person who damages or causes any damage or loss to any other person, property or goods at the premises will be liable for all direct, indirect, consequential or special loss or damage or injury suffered.

This site utilises photographic, video and closed circuit television technology that is used for media, marketing, live streaming to websites and other promotional activity. By entering these premises, you unconditionally accept that you may be photographed or filmed and consent to allowing NRLX or its licensees to use the contents in any publicity, media, marketing, website promotion or training programs at its sole discretion.

Further, these premises may also be subject to filming by closed circuit television for security and public risk reasons and NRLX reserves the right to use such evidence in any dispute. Please contact NRLX’s Administration Office for information on how NRLX deals with personal information.

Photography and filming for a public broadcaster for commercial purposes is prohibited unless prior written permission has been obtained from the NRLX Operations Manager. Members of the media, comprising of any representatives from a publishing or broadcasting network, television station or radio network are not permitted onto the premises without prior approval of the NRLX Operations Manager.

All representatives of media outlets or public broadcasters must report to NRLX’s Administration Office and receive approval to enter the livestock selling facilities from the NRLX Operations Manager or their delegate.

Cattle Tick Biosecurity Direction

Northern Rivers Livestock Exchange is subject to a General Biosecurity Direction issued by the NSW Department of Primary Industries under the Bio Security Act 2015. All cattle tick carriers, including cattle, camelids, equines, deer, goats and sheep that are unloaded at the NRLX facility must undergo an approved chemical treatment supervised by an authorised officer prior to loading onto a transport vehicle. This excludes cattle tick carriers going direct to slaughter.

To ensure compliance with the Biosecurity Direction and the National Livestock Identification System (NLIS), transport paperwork for all livestock unloaded at the NRLX must be provided to our team upon arrival. This may be in the form of a National Vendor Declaration (NVD), Sale Outward Movement document or other approved transport documentation. Transit fees and/or Yard usage fees will apply for all livestock unloaded at the facility that are not processed through an NRLX sale. All transit livestock must be unloaded through Ramp 7 and penned within the Transit Yards.

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